Notice to Localities of Alarm Installs Now Required

Notice of Alarm Installs Now Required


One change to Section 1702.286 – Duties of Alarm Systems Company became effective January  1, 2006 and effects both alarm companies and municipalities.

  • Within 30 days after installation or activation of the alarm system, the Alarm Company shall notify the municipality.  The notification shall include:
    • Alarm Systems Company name
    • Alarm Systems Company license number
    • Name of the occupant of the alarm system location
    • Address of the alarm system location
    • Date of installation or activation of the alarm system
    • The information provided to a governmental body is confidential
    • This section does not apply to a Personal Emergency Response System
  • An Alarm Systems Company commits an offense if it does not provide the information required by this sub-section. The offense will be considered a Class C misdemeanor

In an effort to comply with this requirement, alarm companies have contacted localities to find out where to send the information. Many localities have provided the information, but many others have indicated that they have no desire to receive it.

The Texas Burglar and Fire Alarm Association has contacted the Department of Public Safety, which has the responsibility to enforce this requirement, and we have been advised that an alarm company should get it in writing from the municipality if the municipality does not desire this information and keep it on file.  Once this is done then the alarm company would not need to notify that particular municipality on any new installations or activation.

In an effort to facilitate the implementation of this requirement we have asked each locality to give us one of two things:

  1. The mailing address, email address or fax number for where notification should be sent, or
  2. A letter indicating that they do not wish to receive this information.

Information on all the localities that have responded is included in document that you can download.

Municipality Notification Alarm Form

Harris County Notification Alarm Form (can be mailed, faxed to 713-755-4877, or emailed to

If you need help to determine which city or county the Zip Code is in, try this.